Management Consultancy

Here at the Neoterikos we focus on our client’s management complications and strive to tackle them with the help of our professional labour. We strive to reduce the burden, the cost and the time that the client would come across on their own. We give advice on closing any deviations between the goals of the business and the running of the business. We provide solutions that are hand in hand with the dynamic business environment. We give suggestions and advices based on professional views and guidelines and improve team performance of every department of the management. We believe in transforming the business for its smooth movement.

HR Outsourcing

We at Neoterikos provide business HR solutions to our clients. We support their management with on-site support from our HR professionals. We complete all your HR routine tasks that prove to be tiring and time consuming. Our services are made flexible to adapt to changes and provide long term solutions and we contribute to increase the quality in the performance of the management. We deal with recruitment services as well as employee relation services and training of the employee for the benefit of the organisation.

Vendor management

Neoterikos oversees the relationship between the business and its vendors. We manage our client’s relationship with the vendor from the start of the contract through the sales process. We help our clients make analysis by providing strategic assistance. Our motive is to forecast or oversee the cost, time and also the terms and conditions of the contract are followed by the parties. We help to understand the needs of our clients and we create a strong sales partnership that benefit both the parties. We monitor risk and variation of trading services as well as invoicing procedures and pricing levels.

We also look forward to produce more services in future.